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  • What is a Public Tag Agent?
    A Public Tag Agent (PTA) is very similar to an OMV office, in that both do title transfers, issue plates, issue driver's licenses and renew registrations.
  • What do I need to bring to transfer my title (sale)?
    · Louisiana Title (Notarized) · Notarized Bill of Sale (If back of title is on 2nd or 3rd assignment) · Valid Louisiana Driver’s License or ID · If vehicle has a Lien being recorded you must present copy of UCC-1 or Security Agreement · Cash (We currently only accept cash) * If the vehicle title is not a Louisiana title, the seller’s out of state driver’s license must be submitted as proof of residency. If the seller is a resident of Louisiana with an out-of-state title, he/she must first title the vehicle in Louisiana before it can be sold.
  • What do I need to transfer a title (donation)?
    · Louisiana Title (Notarized) · Notarized Act of Donation · Valid Louisiana Driver’s License or ID · Louisiana Law does not allow for recording of Lien while processing an Act of Donation. · Cash (We currently only accept cash)
  • How much will it cost to transfer my title?
    Every situation is different but a good rule of thumb is that the taxes you pay will be .11% of the total amount you paid for the vehicle, plus whatever the PTA charges for their convenience fee (usually between $32-$70). So if you paid $5000 for the vehicle, your tax, title and license fee will be somewhere near $650. Again different circumstances cause different totals in the end, things such as, late transferring the title (holding it for awhile without transferring it to your name), previous penalties, and excessive vehicle weights are examples of factors that may cause the price to rise.
  • How long do I have to register my vehicle after purchase?
    You have 40 days from the date of purchase to register it with no penalties & interest. After 40 days the penalty is 5% every 30 days on the taxes with a maximum of 25%. Interest is 1.25% every 30 days with no maximum.
  • Can I purchase a License Plate here?
    Yes. All you need to be able to purchase a plate is, your current driver’s license and unless the vehicle is a trailer you need to bring proof of liability insurance coverage for the vehicle you want a plate for. For trailers proof of insurance is not necessary. You can still transfer your title without having liability insurance if you do not want a plate. Some people use that option when they do not plan on driving the vehicle for a period of time, or when they want to quickly sell a vehicle they have purchased from someone else. They then receive the title in 7-10 days and now that it is in their name, they can legally sell it, and insurance was not necessary to facilitate the process.
  • Is a Notary required at the time of sale?
    Yes, however if a vehicle is sold and a notary is not able to be present at the time of sale, two people must sign as witnesses to the sale on the back of the title, then one of the witnesses must appear before our notary to sign an “Affidavit by Witness”. Documents notarized outside our office are also acceptable.
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